‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ Incense

‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ Incense

‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ Incense

What gives you that Christmas feeling?

Ask a lot of people these days and they will tell you it is the Christmas music when walking around the shops buying all the Christmas gifts. Are you one of these people? nothing wrong with that but I believe there is more to it than the shopping and the getting prepared for the 25th each year.

Music plays a big part, hearing all those Christmas songs being played. Then we have the Christmas movies, which these days is spoilt because they will show these movies on the TV any time of the year.

I think that Christmas feeling comes when we start to decorate the home with the tree and all the glitter, the tinsel, Christmas baubles, the Christmas lights, and ornaments.

How many of us use our sense of smell when we are putting up the decorations? We probably have some Christmas music playing in the background but do we have Christmas fragrances wafting through the home?

This is where incense can play a big part in that Christmassy feeling. Think back to when you were a child, depending on your age may make a difference with this. I remember the smell of cinnamon wafting through the house, the pine needles from the Christmas tree, the fresh smell of the fruit in the bowl (always overflowing at this time of year) and the smell of the fire burning. Yes we had coal fires back then.

All these smells conjured up what Christmas was all about back when I was a child.

Today most people have central heating, so no smoke from the fire. Most people don’t have the time to bake, so no smell of the cinnamon and the baking from the oven. The tree is normally plastic as well these days. I am guessing most people have the fruit in the bowl.

Time to boost up that Christmassy, warming feeling this year.

No time! I hear people say.

Easy! Why not use the power of incense to bring the smell of Christmas back into your home.

There are many different incenses to do this. What incenses come to mind when you think about this time of year. I know I think about Frankincense and Myrrh. There is also the citrus fragrances and the woody smells especially of the pine tree. What about a combination of all these fragrances combined?

The ‘Twelve days of Christmas’ incense from Berk already conjures this up for me. It contains a natural blend of herbs, woods and resins, including pine resin just for this time of year.


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