Magical Kit and Pure Resin Set

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Magical Kit With the dawn of the current era, the collective spirit which can be called... more
Product information "Magical Kit and Pure Resin Set"

Magical Kit

With the dawn of the current era, the collective spirit which can be called scientific, linear, rational, and materialistic conquered the mass consciousness. It taught people a new form of self consciousness, of analytic perception, and critical abilities to judge. This new way of perceiving, thinking, and being profoundly changed the life of man. However, today we see each other again in a new light. The fruit of rational spirit began to reveal its shadow sides a long time ago. Mankind seems to remember more and more of those times when the world still was young and full of magic. Despite our supposed modern technical achievements like computers and global networking there are more and more signs that magical and secret powers are beginning to stir and slowly grow again. Most of the sensitive persons simply stand still, and are amazed at the almost forgotten wonders beginning to run over the world again. But there are always some people among them who understand how to bring the power of magic out of their souls in order to create their own reality and to cause miracles. These beings, female or male, can rightly be called witches or wizards.

The Ritual

A ritual is a gate to the world of wonders.
In the center of the ritual there is fire.
Fire is transmutation.
From fire smoke is ascending.
Magical plants harbor fancy, charming fragrances.
The smoke carries the scent.
Smoke and scent open the spirit.
The spirit causes everything.


  • an incense burner from steatite
  • 10 Coal tablets, ø 3,3 cm
  • 6 Coal tablets, ø 2,7 cm
  • copper spoon
  • package of incense sand
  • Holy Smokes Flyer and description
  • 14 different incenses, 4 - 5 g: Protection, concentration, spirit of the coin, love charm, amulet incense, strength of the cleansing, power of the visions, spirit of calling, luck incense, oracle, White Magic power, witch smoke for witches, witch smoke against witches, ancestor smoke
Sortiment Reine Harze zum Räuchern Pure Resins - Assortment
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