Summer is here!

Summer is here but unfortunately this past week we have had nothing but rain!
I have heard it will improve and here is hoping the rest of the summer will reach good temperatures
We added some new products to our category Incense holders Bowls, under the heading of Incense holders without charcoal.

Incense dictionary

An overview about the most common incense ingredients.
We have now introduced a new range of natural incense mixtures. All the ingredients used are choosen with the utmost care and responsibility
Ayurvedic incense sticks made out of 100% natural ingredients.
We are proud to introduce the "World of Incense" - Incense mixtures.

Cleansing your home

Simple explanation why and how to cleanse your home.
We have redesigned our website at
The tradition of manufacturing incense sticks in Tibet.

Litha Midsummer

Litha, summer solstice, Midsummer is a sun festival and is celebrated on the night of June 21, the longest day of the year.
The criteria for high quality incense sticks.